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We accept only 4 titles a year so we can do the best job developing, publishing and promoting them.

We choose queries based on a category theme that we are planning to promote as a group. This allows us to target a specific market and focus solely on promoting to them.

Currently we are not accepting manuscripts or apps to publish.

Why Publish With Us?

Because we'll handle everything so you can focus on what is important--writing


We take a holistic approach to each manuscript so nothing is overlooked. We don't rely on one editor to handle the entire project. We hire a group of editors who'll work as a team throughout the editing process. One will be assigned as a lead to manage the project and communicate suggested changes to the author.


We handle all the design work. We'll create the book cover, illustrations, photography and videos if needed in an interactive book. So the final product stands out amongst all the other books and apps on the market. It also helps us ensure the overall work has a consistent artistic style and feel to it.


We'll layout book manuscripts in InDesign so it can be quickly output to print, PDF, epub, kindle, epub3 and html formats without any of those strange glitches MS Word has during conversion. Mobile Apps, we'll program it using the latest technology so it can be easily converted to Microsoft, Android and iOS platforms.

User Testing

We believe in the old school approach used to create black and white movies. Like the famous movie, Suspicion. They changed the ending based on the test group response so it would sell. Just like them, we want your book or app to succeed. So we'll test it with an audience before publishing to ensure you work is marketable.


We'll handle everything from purchasing an ISBN, Registering work with the Library of Congress, selling it through our book reseller channel (Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo...) or app dealers (GooglePlay, iTunes and Mircosoft), tracking sales, sending monthly sales reports, paying royalties and sending I9's for your taxes.


We'll determine your target audience and the best plan of action to reach them through social media and advertising. We'll set up interviews, blog or book tours and guest articles. We'll write marketing copy, press releases and media kits. Furthermore, we'll create or update your website, social media pages, author pages and book trailers.
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